BYNT's Story

In life, there are always people that we look up to, or at least look to for guidance. Frequently our live's stories are weaved intermittently with heroes, antiheroes, and perceived villains that all play a role in shaping our narratives. BYNT's founder, Author Alex Brown is no different. For Alex, his hero was his older brother.

It was 2014, Alex found himself working overseas in Europe and out of touch with his family and home in Denver, CO. His brother was in a far off state and they were what seemed like a million miles away from each other. The two had fallen out of touch since he had enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. Alex couldn't afford an international cell phone plan at the time so his only communication with his family and friends was via email. Eventually, any communication with anyone back home dwindled to little if none. Alex knew that this was primarily his own fault and this served as a powerful reminder of just how important family and friends truly are.

Alex was out of touch and a world away. Nonetheless, his time in Europe was dwindling and soon he was to return back home to Denver. He wanted to get his brother a gift, but nothing felt right. Eventually, he came upon a watch. A watch that seemed perfect- and fitting. Immediately when he saw the watch, he wanted to inscribe the back of it with the words, "Because you never had time for me, here's all the time in the world." It was a tongue in cheek kind of thing, since neither of the two purposely neglected each other. Life just happens sometimes. Even so, it would be the ultimate symbol, the ultimate gift. He could barely afford the watch itself, let alone to have it engraved. So he just got the watch; but that's when the idea of BYNT was born. Throughout the years, countless people have entered Alex's life. Some are still around, some are just distance memories.

We all have relationships where we are forgotten about or maybe we're the ones that have been neglecting the other. No one is perfect. Its these relationships and experiences, for better or worse, that help chart our paths in life. We choose how we allow or don't allow others and their mistakes to affect us. BYNT is the ultimate commemoration and celebration of our collective successes, triumphs, and for some- their failures. 

The best part of our watches are not only their sheer brilliance and accuracy but their ability to light a match to the fire in your heart, remembering the past but living in the present and honoring your future.

When you buy a BYNT watch, you honor today, make time for yourself, and cement your importance in time- because you deserve it.

Also for those who don't deserve it, these watches make the best gifts possible. Nothing says, "F*uck you!" to your ex-husband better than showing him that not only can you afford the best of the best, but that they will be wearing a constant reminder of their own shortcomings.