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BYNT Watches: Because You Never Had Time For Me—Here’s All The Time In The World. Created by author Alex Brown, our timepieces blend timeless elegance with personal stories, celebrating the essence of meaningful connections and cherished moments.

BYNT's Mission

Our mission is to create exquisite, emotionally evocative timepieces that empower individuals on their journey of self-discovery, elevating the wearer's experience while celebrating resilience, personal growth, and providing an effortlessly distinguished style that transcends time.

BYNT's Story

We all have relationships where we are forgotten about or maybe we're the ones that have been neglecting the other. No one is perfect. Its these relationships and experiences, for better or worse, that help chart our paths in life. We choose how we allow or don't allow others and their mistakes to affect us. BYNT is the ultimate commemoration and celebration of our collective successes, triumphs, and for some- their failures. 

The best part of our watches are not only their sheer brilliance and accuracy but their ability to light a match to the fire in your heart, remembering the past but living in the present and honoring your future.

BYNT's Full Story
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Time For Your Next Adventure

Part of what BYNT is about is embracing the moment and savoring the small amount of time we have on this Earth. Where will you write your next chapter with BYNT?

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